Rules for staging your home

9 Sep

So you want to find a buyer – or even a renter – for your property…The first thing to do is to remove your homeowner’s hat right now. Go ahead, put it down. You can pick it up in a little while – after you’ve sold your home.

Potential home buyers have NO imagination. You might think that’s not true because, perhaps, you believe (possibly correctly but probably not) that you can look beyond shabby furnishings and cluttered surfaces when you’re house-shopping. Well, the vast majority of potential buyers are distracted to the point of walking away, by flashy colors, taste-specific decor and personal effects.

This means that even if your red accent wall is absolutely gorgeous, you’ll do yourself a service by painting it beige. Place just enough furniture in each room to demonstrate the purpose of the space. Showcase extra bedrooms and office spaces by removing your extra clothes and paperwork from them. Staging your home is a great opportunity to start packing up the non-essentials now, so you’re better prepared for your move.

If you know anything about anything, you know that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. So make yours spotless, including the interiors of drawers and cabinets.

For additional home staging tips and examples, check out my Gallery.


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