Just a few of my favorite decorating tips

10 Sep

Okay guys, this is a random list – and it’s just a small sampling of my many decorating ideas…so enjoy it and subscribe to be notified when I’ve posted more! Example photos are posted at the bottom of this page for your inspiration.

Add black and white to any room Black and white patterns are classic and work like a neutral – they go with almost anything. You can limit it to just 2-3 items. Some of my favorite examples are area rugs and throw pillows, dish towels and ceramics…

Go monochromatic Layer shades of the same color (blue or green, for example) to create a room that’s peaceful yet still dramatic and warm. Don’t be afraid to combine different tones and patterns. As long as you don’t go completely overboard, you’ll love the result.

Try wall decals True, many are tacky (so to speak!) and fake-looking, but some companies are coming out with really cool ones. Available in sticker or stencil form, wall decals are a quick and easy way to accent a wall or mirror, or to cover a large space with an interesting piece of “art.” Of course, you can have tons of fun with these in kids’ rooms and they’re a lot easier than murals!

Wallpaper It’s back and better than ever! I love bold, geometric patterns that you can use on just one wall to add depth and interest to your room. This example also shows how you can layer beige, and use patterns and textures to make it interesting.

Save money on headboards In general, I’m not a fan of things that match. I much prefer end tables, for instance, that coordinate rather than match perfectly. So skipping on a headboard not only saves money, but adds interest to your bedroom. Fun substitutes include artwork, mirrors, wall decals, curtain panels, shelving, paint techniques, canopies and beautiful doors or gates.


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