Let Marin change your life…

1 Feb

In an hour:

paint color selection

product selection / sourcing

comprehensive home palette coordination – for a home with color AND flow

style determination (are you traditional? eclectic?), including style mediation for spouses with differing tastes

construction project layout development / materials selection

staging assessment – everything you need to do to properly present your home in the market

move preparation consultation

daily habit system setup – bill pay, mail, laundry, scheduling, etc.

paperwork or household tasks (form filing, etc.) to save you time

In a day:

closet organization

kitchen organization

one-room makeover

fresh look for your home using existing items plus recommendations for additional items

dorm room setup

child’s room organization / schoolwork or time management guidance

one-room purge including donation drop-off

filing system audit /setup

household budget development plus guidance for sticking to it

In a week:

multi-room makeover

new room setup – home office, nursery, guest room, for example

downsizing assistance

moving and settling into a retirement home

full home staging

Total makeover (multiple weeks or months): 

Fresh look for your home / redecoration

Household purge including donation drop-off

Space refit for a major life change, such as new baby, empty nest, preparation of a rental property, loss of a loved one or new job

Comprehensive move: staging, move planning/new home preparation plus unpacking/organizing and decorating new home

Regular, ongoing support to maintain organization systems – weekly, monthly, quarterly or as needed


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