Need an inexpensive flooring solution? Paint!

19 Oct

The vibe in this adorable vintage kitchen was being crushed by the vinyl on the floor. When historic home issues (slanted flooring, etc. – a.k.a. “charm”) prevented us from revealing the original wood floors, we considered less expensive alternatives to bringing in new wood. These included cork, an attractive and eco-friendly material, linoleum and, yes, even more vinyl. However, each of these options would still cost at least $1,000 and none was truly suited to the space.

It was time to get creative…

Our solution was to paint! We stripped the old vinyl, put in a lot of elbow grease removing the vinyl backing and glue from the plywood subfloor, and then painted the plywood. One coat of porch primer, two coats black porch paint and two coats water-based polyurethane later, the kitchen makes a dramatic statement for  very low cost (less than $300).

Since we chose to use black paint for the floor, it was especially important to incorporate both natural and artificial light into the room. We opened up some of the shutters to let in more daylight, installed under cabinet lighting (IKEA has cheap, easy-to-install fixtures) and placed a small accent lamp on the shelving unit. Finally, we added a sisal area rug in a warm, natural tone.

Thinking about painting your floor? Consider the function of your space to choose a durable option, especially in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Choose a color and pattern (with a little extra work, you can choose stripes, checkers, faux effects and more!) that work well in your space. Start with a clean wood surface, whether it’s hardwood or plywood. Enjoy!


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