November 16, 2013

Thank you for all of your help with our home. It looks wonderful and feels great to be rid of all the extra stuff. It makes life easier not to have to search for things…

I am asking for time with Marin for Christmas.


November 16, 2013

 I would adopt you — but I know your mother would not allow that.


November 4, 2013

Thank you for speaking to the group about organizing. I spent about an hour going through my personal email and deleting after listening to you. So THANK YOU, it was very liberating to trash as many as I did.


October 26, 2013

Just wanted to thank you so much for all the resources you sent me. ..
Thank you again for a wonderful day and I really love what you did for me.
Hopefully we will meet again soon. I will call you when I am ready for that laundry room project.


October 11, 2013

WE ADORE YOU MARIN!  Thank you for yet another fabulous home re-org!  You are brilliant!

Meybohm Realtor 

June 19, 2013

Wow!!!!  What a difference!  I think I can sell it now!

Lynn Gilmore, Brandon Wilde Life Care Community

May 1, 2013

In the midst of our event, Marin Rose was an elegant orchid in a slender crystal vase — and then she spoke with matching eloquence and grace. In her presentation and in conversations with our guests, she was professional and very knowledgeable, and everyone wanted a moment with her!


April 25, 2013

Thank you for helping me create a space that is inviting and fits me perfectly.


April 16, 2013

Absolutely incredible!!!

Alison Alford, DC EcoWomen (dc.ecowomen.org)

Marin Rose presented at a DC EcoWomen workshop on how to get organized in a green and eco-friendly way. Her workshop was a great success, and when DC EcoWomen decided to throw a conference with a session on Organizing Your Life, Marin was the first person we asked to speak at the workshop. DC EcoWomen’s members recognize Marin and love her workshops. We look forward to hearing her speak at our I’m Here, What’s Next: Building a Sustainable Career conference!

Renee Hajek, Carpenters in the Home, Inc.

March 6, 2013

We recently teamed with Leslie and Marin of Professional Organizers of Augusta (POA) to host an organizing seminar in our showroom.  The presentations were remarkably insightful and upbeat, and the feedback from customers (old and new) was very positive.  They provided valuable tips and tricks that we can apply to our customers’ needs as well as our own, and brought awareness to their profession – who couldn’t benefit from a professional organizer??  We are proud to be associated with these ladies, and more than happy to refer them business!


January 16, 2013

I so appreciate all the organization you have brought into my household. I love my closet now and do not feel there is something hiding in my closet ready to fall down upon me.  My dresser is a welcoming experience when opening the drawers.

Thank you again for all the help and patience you had with me the past two days. I can’t wait for my grandchildren to run in the closet and have no place to HIDE. I DO look forward to seeing you again really soon.


May 17, 2012

Thanks again for the great work you … have done.  The improvements are priceless.


May 17, 2012

I walked back into my room after you left and felt like I’d been just unburdened.  THANK YOU for everything – I’ve been dying for some sense of order and you rolled in and made it happen.  I really can’t thank you enough!!


May 10, 2012

My husband and I were overseeing a major renovation to our Capitol Hill home. We hired Marin to help us select paint colors and to make sure the house would flow together. She did an amazing job!

She sent us floor plans, respecting the furniture we already owned with suggestions on how it might fit together better. She advised us on tile and granite choices and gave us ideas for curtains, where to hang artwork, etc. The paint colors are fantastic and very creative! We have stripes on the ceiling of our sunroom and our son’s bedroom is the most amazing (not garish) shade of red, which always receives rave reviews. We couldn’t be happier and saved ourselves a lot of trouble, heartache, and re-work thanks to Marin’s guidance.


May 8, 2012

Marin it looks AMAZING!!!!  Thank you to both you and Mané for all the hard work.


March 13, 2012

Marin, I just wanted you to know that after only one week, we got 4 good offers on our house.  We now have a ratified contract and a back up contract, both for significantly more than our asking price!  I’m sure this is due, in part, to your suggestions and your work in staging our home.  The process was a bit painful, however, the payoff has been enormous.  We got comments like “it shows like a model”, and we got more traffic thru the house in one week than we did in the 3+ months that it was on the market last year!  Between your work and Adam [Isaacson’s] aggressive marketing, we’ve far exceeded our expectations.  Thank you so much for a great job!


March 2, 2012

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical, but I’m a believer now. The house looks bigger and more universally appealing. You did a fabulous job. Thanks again for a great job.

Dan and Samantha

January 2, 2012

Thanks again for all of your amazing help!  After you staged our old house, we got a ratified contract within one week of putting it on market… above the asking price!  We were so impressed with how you opened up the space during the staging, both of us independently came to the conclusion that we had to hire you to help set up our hew house.  With your help unpacking, setting up and designing the new house, there is no way we could have made it look so good and in record time.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  We have gotten tons of heartfelt compliments on the house, and we feel great about it… especially with the kids excitement when they saw it all unpacked and set up!  Thanks again!


November 24, 2011

I initially hired Marin and Mané to help me decorate my downtown office which had absolutely nothing that made me want to work there. Marin and Mané did a great job transforming yuck to charm. I love my downtown office and so do my colleagues! She and Mané do a great job integrating storage into the design of the rooms. Moreover, they handled the very difficult delivery of my desk. I love my desk, but the delivery truck that the desk company used wanted to deposit the desk “curbside.” They worked it out and coordinated with the company that was going to put the desk together and I never worried about a thing.

I also asked them to help me with my basement. The twister girls came through with their magic and when I got home that night they had totally transformed my basement into a cozy wonderful two room suite that doubles as my TV room and guest room. They did a great job capturing my taste and transforming both my downtown office and basement into spaces that put a smile on my face.

I intend to use them for other rooms in my house and highly recommend them to anyone that needs help decorating and organizing their living spaces.


November 3, 2011

I originally hired Marin to help organize my bedroom closet – but in only a couple hours she was able to reorganize multiple closets, my bedroom, and my home office! She respected my desire for keeping sentimental items while being persuasive enough to help me part ways with useless clutter. I no longer feel lost or overwhelmed when looking around my condo!


November 2, 2011

A huge thank you for all your encouragement and understanding while I am in the process of organizing my home. My children are still talking about how kind and helpful you are. Your assistance is invaluable to my family.


November 1, 2011

Marin is miraculous. She really works with you as an individual to find solutions that will work for you. I am very happy with Marin’s work!

Jen and Dave

August 11, 2011

This is an absolute must have for newlyweds (and makes a great wedding gift). Marin brought order into our home from a bunch of wedding gift chaos.


July 12, 2011

Thanks Marin!  You’re really good at this and I don’t mean just the technical aspect. You understand that I was feeling swamped and confused because it’s an area that I don’t totally understand and  I’m not particularly interested in investing a lot of time in learning this stuff, so you explain it in a very patient, clear, concise manner. You make it seem a lot easier than I thought it was.


July 6, 2011

Thank you so much for all of your help – you really helped me change my perspective and have made my home life so much better in so many ways!!


June 28, 2011

Thanks to you and Mané for everything the past 2 days!!!!!  I couldn’t have imagined a nicer place in faster time!

Dana and Amer

June 17, 2011

Thanks so much for EVERYTHING – couldn’t have settled in so easily without you. LOVE your work!


May 12, 2011


It was truly amazing what you were able to do and I feel so relieved and glad to have it gone- you made it feel SO easy and painless-no emotions attached. And the best part is that I now am finding it easier to actually put things as soon as I am done with it away instead of dropping it on the floor or letting things pile up.

I would highly recommend you to anyone.


April 6, 2011

Marin:  You were a great help today. You helped me overcome my inertia about the daunting task of organizing my study and together we turned chaos into an organized work space in two hours. Talk about a miracle worker!


March 25, 2011

You have saved our sanity and done nothing short of giving us back a little bit of our life and personal space!  You pushed us on the right things – we got a ton of value for our money – you sweated alongside us and helped us get things done quickly – and you had a good way of listening to what we needed but made us take some tough decisions! Thanks is not enough.  What rewarding work you do, giving people this kind of relief, peace and sanity! Thank you again.  Truly.


March 17, 2011

Thank you for your help!  I feel good about the progress we made and that I’ll be able to keep it up.


March 10, 2011

[Marin] just did a paperwork project for me that has made my life so much easier, it’s awesome. Marin, you rock!!!!


March 1, 2011

I called Marin a state of panic.  I had just accepted a new position in Arizona and needed to juggle a multi-step, cross-country move.  There were preparations I needed to do in short order to put my house on the market for sale in DC: staging, sorting, packing, painting, the list went on.  She came highly recommended by a friend, but I was a little wary of what to expect- I had never worked with a personal organizer before.

From our first encounter, she put my worries at ease laying out a detailed plan of attack.  Our first day we spent hours sorting through ALL of my belongings into “Keep for Now,” “Keep for Later,” “Donate,” “Sell,” and “Ditch” categories.  Marin identified a few areas that could be freshly painted and picked out some attractive art and furniture to lure more potential buyers.  When faced with such an event that forces one to weed through possessions that very well may exemplify intimate details of one’s life, she is a trustworthy partner.  Besides having fantastic practical advice, Marin is a true example of classic elegance with whom a true joy to work side-by-side.


February 14, 2011

The house looks so different and amazing and organized! Thank you so much! I know [my realtor] will be as impressed as I am. I know this [staging] is the key to selling quickly and for the best price! I can’t thank you enough.


February 9, 2011

I started working with Marin last year and it was amazing in one short visit the difference her help has made.  We were able to put a plan together of how I can maximize my space and organize everything better.  I look forward to working with Marin until my entire condo is totally organized.  Initially I wondered if I really needed help with this project but I now know that her help is instrumental in making my condo an organized and neat environment.  I would recommend Marin to anyone who wants to maximize their space.  City space is limited and more importantly so is time, Marin is a great help with both!!

Rosa, Weichert Realtors

February 7, 2011

The condo looks AMAZING! [Marin] did a fabulous job!


December 23, 2010

Marin did a terrific job putting my place together. I just purchased a new town house and needed to furnish the house. We went shopping together once and she also came to look at my old apartment before I moved out of it. By those two things and from speaking to me, she got a sense of what things I liked and what things I did not like. From there she designed a plan and made my new town house into a dream home. I am quite busy and would not have had the time to put my place together and even if I did, I would not have been able to do nearly as good of a job as she has done. Each room was organized to my liking and she encouraged me to take a few risks that I ordinarily would not have taken, like the really nice accent wall that she created in my living room. Whenever I have guests over my house, they have been quite impressed with the entire place. Many have asked me who did this and where can they find htis person–somehow they always seem to know that I did not do the decorating. Seeing how nice Marin made my place, encouraged me to keep the place looking good at all times. I had a holiday party and I did not have to do much work with the house to prepare because the house already looked presentable. Marin was very professional, punctual, accommodating and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely have her come back when I am ready to do work on my basement and I highly recommend her to others. Thank you very much Marin.


December 8, 2010

Marin spent 9 hours working in my home during which time she helped me empty, sort through and reorganize all of my closets, dressers and drawers.  When she was done I had rid myself of clothing, linens and countless odd and ends that I hadn’t worn or used for years.  Now there is a designated place for everything so I will easily be able to keep my home uncluttered and organized.

I especially love being able to see all of my clothing arranged by size, color and function as soon as I open the closet door or dresser drawers.  She even unearthed many items that had been lost in the shuffle, some which still had store tags on them!  It feels like my wardrobe has increased by half.

Marin is a pleasure to work with.  She was very kind and patient and helped me to figure out what I truly wanted to keep and what I really didn’t need to own anymore.  Thank you Marin for getting my home into great shape.


December 2, 2010

You made such a difference in our home!  Since getting married this fall, my husband and I have been struggling to transform “my” bedroom into “ours.”  The result had been more or less chaos.  In just two hours, you helped me clear out year’s worth of unneeded items and re-envision our room as a place of calm.  Beyond your sense of style and space, the things you said to me had a lasting impact.  Since your visit, I have been inspired by your wisdom on what really matters and how organization can create harmony—we have since repainted the bedroom and completely reorganized the walk-in closet per your suggestions.  Thanks to you, my husband and I actually enjoy spending time in our room and find it a place of refuge for BOTH of us.  This would not have happened without your help.  Thank you!


November 5, 2010

Thank you for the great ideas and professional help. You were able to size up the situation immediately based on your experience and ability to “read” our house and make excellent, affordable recommendations for changes in how to organize our chaotic paper flow.  I liked your concern that the new system we set up was something I could sustain and that it didn’t require purchasing any expensive new containers or equipment.  Putting it into place has been really satisfying, and I hope I’ll be able to work with you soon again in the near future. I also like that you respected my attachment to certain items like greeting cards, and worked with me to get rid of the stuff I could happily part with!


October 22, 2010

What a wonderful job you did on my closet the other day – I can’t believe you totally changed my life in two hours – you knew exactly where and how things should go – what a talent.  Thank you again.


July 21, 2010

Marin is really great to work with and offers excellent advice.  I thought the declutter process would be a nightmare, but it actually went fairly quickly.  Marin is a fantastic organizer, I would never have thought of grouping certain things together, she just does it naturally.  I highly recommend functional fashionable.  We are getting to the decorating stage so I’ll have more to say in a month or two!


July 12, 2010

I am a firm believer that time is money, and I attest that time spent with Ms. Rose will save you more time and her price is fair for all the things she provides for you the money you pay. I’ve used her services twice within the last 6 months. MARCH 2010 I spoke with Marin on the phone, quickly after I contacted her by email. In both instances, she was pleasant, punctual and efficient when we met in person. She listened to my concerns and wishes, and intuitively had a strategy to help me create an organized home. She listened to my budget issues and created a specialized plan that both parties could be agree too. WHY DID I HIRE HER? I can be honest, and admit that I’ve wasted time looking for items or felt overwhelmed by owning too many things. I’m a graduate student who has moved about 8 times in my life and kept several items for my future “house” that I’ll be purchasing. I recently moved from a spacious 5-bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment to save on expenses in these difficult economic times and lived with a roommate. I didn’t want all my things to crowd the apartment I shared with my best friend. I COULD DO IT MYSELF: BUT WHY NOT GET HELP? I’ve read several organizational books and I knew that I wanted to put everything in its place. But I felt like my space was too small for all the things I owned. I hired Marin because I knew I needed to downsize and I wanted an objective opinion on what to keep and discard. I didn’t want to labor or a friend or family member and hear them kindly ask “why do you have …blah blah blah?” a million times and then have me privately get frustrated because I wanted the help but didn’t need the commentary. Thus, I had two friends come over and Marin, and between the four of us, we spent 10 hours in my place and by the time we were done I donated 7 bags of items to the Goodwill, purchased 3 organizing tools, took care of my closets and drawers and had my entire apartment cleaned, dusted and magnificently furnished based on what I wanted to keep and what I needed at my finger tips. All my friends and family were impressed with how nice my room looked and happy to hear how calm and delighted I was with my new space! I loved it. JUNE 2010 I graduated from school and decided to get an apartment on my own. This way, I wouldn’t be confined to just my bedroom and had enough things to furnish my own space after I purchased my bedroom set and entertainment center. I hired Functional, Fashionable to get an organizational scheme. As in our first meeting, Marin was punctual, completely understood my objectives without a lot of explanation and gave me pointers and tips on how to best utilize my new space. I’m diligently working on my “homework” list that I was issued but the plan that’s she created works within my budget and goals. OVERALL: *****5 STAR REVIEW***** I recommend her to anyone who “wants to put their hands up and give the reigns” to someone else or to that person who wants to be involved but doesn’t want to do ALL the project alone or needs a little “tough love” to stay on track. You won’t be disappointed. Functional, Fashionable can work on any budget, takes all forms of payment, is kind and considerate and most of all will get you ORGANIZED!


July 6, 2010

Marin, thanks so much for your work on my kitchen! If only everyone could see the amount of spices, oils, and sauces I have… I love looking over and seeing nothing on the counter tops and then when I do cook it’s no problem finding whatever I need! Thanks again!


June 11, 2010

Our family has moved 5 times in the last three years and four of those moves were across the country. We were in a state of disarray when it came to organization inside our home when we started off without children and then became married with children. I was always completely overwhelmed by the amount of items (paperwork, clothes, toys, books I can keep going) that I just didn’t know where to start and I felt defeated before I even tried to start putting “things” away because it was more of hide and seek and out of sight out of mind. Until I had enough and I had to make our house into a home and that’s where Marin was more than help she was a lifesaver. She has made my life so much easier because every item in each room has a certain place. So when I have to make a meal (which I do not dread any longer) – I can clean up so quickly now because I’m not just shoving dishes or pots and pans away because I’m trying to make room it’s because there is room. I want to keep the house tidy and I now enjoy maintaining the house that is clutter free and I don’t ever want to go back to the state of disarray. She made our living room a place to enjoy company and relax and it’s not a part-time playroom for our children. The children’s bedroom is great because all of their clothes are separated and jumbled together so it’s easy to find their outfits that even the babysitter was able find an outfit without asking what belongs to whom. The guestroom is ready for guests not a storeroom for excess items. The room where I just can’t believe I have now is our bedroom. The room is so relaxing and peaceful that I enjoy spending time in the bedroom because I can unwind. Marin was also instrumental in helping us decorate each room in the house. She worked with what we had and also made wonderful suggestions. My husband and I wanted new bedroom furniture but we just have completely different styles. Marin suggested this beautiful bedroom set and we both said yes to it and that’s probably why I can’t stop staring into my room. Marin has helped simplify our lives with organizing and decorating that I can honestly say that I have kept the house neat and everything in it’s place – ESPECIALLY my bedroom//hideaway. Thank you Marin!


May 30, 2010

Marin’s has that rare talent for getting the most out a of each room or space without making it look austere Many of us urban and suburban dewllers never master this and give up. She really help you see your home’s hidden potential. I highly recommend her.


May 28, 2010

Life is so hectic–from work to finding time to play with friends to taking time to catch-up with your loved ones and family. Marin is an awesome resource– taking off your shoulders some of your valuable free time to organize AND making your home a much more welcome space to do all the fun things with your friends and family! Very reasonable, very professional–give it a try!! You won’t be disappointed.


May 28, 2010

Your own space is a testimonial to the quality of your work!


May 27, 2010
My husband and I contacted Marin Rose to help us with our bedroom in March 2010. Though we had bought our apartment three years prior, we had never really decorated our bedroom, and we could not agree on a color scheme. My husband and I are both indecisive and we don’t have a good eye for color combinations. Furthermore, we were expecting a baby in late March and we wanted to get the room done before the baby came, and we didn’t have the time/energy to go out shopping for decorations for our room. We contacted Marin, and she came to our apartment a few days later to check out our bedroom and give us some preliminary ideas. Her eye for color and detail was remarkable; within 48 hours she had come up with several ideas for our room. Though she had only been in our apartment briefly, she understood our taste immediately and her ideas for our room were perfect. Not only did she come up with design ideas, but she also went shopping for items for our room (and she got fabulous deals)! We loved that she “staged” our room with the items she had purchased, and if we did not like certain items, she would return them. We returned very few items, as Marin has fabulous taste and we loved everything she picked! We would have never thought of adding splashes of red to our blue-gray bedroom, and we LOVED the way she used different shades of blue in the room to give it depth and dimension. She chose curtains, bed linens, pillows, lamps, picture frames, candles, a rug, and other knick-knacks; she also encouraged us to buy a new ceiling fan, which we would have never thought of doing on our own — but it has made a tremendous difference in the appearance of the room! We absolutely LOVE our room now. I used to never spend time in there (except to sleep), but now it feels like a refuge, and I love being in there! I am so happy that we used Functionable, Fashionable and we are planning to hire Marin again in the near future for other projects around our apartment!

Contact Marin to arrange a free consultation: FunctionalFashionable@gmail.com


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